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The numerous technical symposia at CERM 2020 include the following:

  • Innovations in Catalysis for Chemical Transformations

Organizer: Nick Brunelli

  • Electrocatalysis for Sustainable Energy

Organizer: Thomas Hamann

  • At the Forefront of Nucleic Acids Biology

Organizer: Kotaro Nakanishi

  • Cytoskeleton: from self- to cell organization

Organizer: Dmitri Kudryashov

  • Synthesis Methods and Structural Characterization of Energy Materials

Organizer: Vicky Doan-Nguyen

  • New Synthetic Methods in Alkene and C-H Functionalization

Organizer: Wei Li

  • Building the Future through Solid-State and Nanomaterials Chemistry

Organizers: Joshua Goldberger and Pat Woodward

  • Electrochemical Methods and Applications

Organizers: Anne Co and Aliakshi Boika

  • Entrepreneurship in Chemistry- Transforming an Idea from the Bench into a Business

Organizer: Satish Garre

  • New Approaches to Chemical Health and Safety

Organizer: James Wasil

  • Design and Delivery of Next Generation Therapeutics

Organizer: Ozlem Dogan-Ekici

  • Chemical Education

Organizers: Ted Clark and Jennifer Collins

  • At the Interface of Chemistry and Art

Organizers: Joan Esson and Sarah Sobeck

  • Ligand Design for Homogeneous Transition Metal Chemistry

Organizers: Chris Thomas and Aaron Bloomfield

  • New Advances in Porous and Polymeric Materials

Organizers: Casey Wade and Psaras McGrier

  • Probing Dynamics in Molecules, Materials, and Interfaces

Organizers: Robert Baker and Arkaprabha Konar

  • Undergraduate Symposium

Organizer: Rosalynn Quinones-Fernandez

  • Redox Chemistries of First-Row Metals and their Synthetic Applications

Organizers: Christo Sevov and Shiyu Zhang

  • Data Science in Chemical Research

Organizer: Andrew Ekstrom

  • Anthropogenic Impacts on Climate and the Environment

Organizer: Roxana Sierra-Hernandez

  •  Synthesis and Chemical Biology

Organizer: Dennis Bong and Jane Jackman

  • Biological and Biomimetic Materials

Organizer: Dennis Bong

  • Characterization and Processing of Polymer Composites

Organizer: Kalyn Froeschle

  • NMR in Quantitative Biophysics and Biology

Organizer: Rafael Bruschweiler

  • Biobased Materials for Industry

Organizer: Mike Clingerman

  • Women in Chemistry

Organizer: Erika Crane and Heather Allen

  • Communicating Chemistry

Organizer: Carrigan Hayes

  • Analytical Chemistry

Organizers: Joshua Goldberger, Pat Woodward

  • Biochemistry

Organizers: Joshua Goldberger, Pat Woodward

  • Inorganic Chemistry

Organizers: Joshua Goldberger, Pat Woodward

  • Organic Chemistry

Organizers: Joshua Goldberger, Pat Woodward

  • Physical Chemistry

Organizers: Joshua Goldberger, Pat Woodward

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